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Intuition and Clairvoyance Development Course

Feel Your Own Creative Power!

Explore the possibilities of your intuition!

Do you follow the voice of your intuition every day?

Do you know people who are successful in life and business thanks to intuition?

Would you like to discover and activate the power of your inner voice?

The „Development of Intuition – Extrasensory Perception” course is a course /workshop run by Antoni Przechrzta M.A., which helps to learn and use the power of intuition for your everyday’s life. 

The nearest dates:

Intuition and Clairvoyance Development Course part I – inner viewing
Warsaw and Online:  call for dates, would you like an individual class? Call for details.

Classes are usually held  Saturday 10.00-18.00 and Sunday 10.00-14.00, with a lunch break at 1.30pm on Saturday.

Additionally, in the summer season, we invite you to The Summer with Intuition, Spiritual Development and Art from 10July 2024. We will announce the venue later, we are welcoming your suggestions.

Online classes – conveniently and without travel costs.

Currently, the courses are held in small groups in Warsaw and online. We use the Zoom platform, which is free for participants, which allows direct participation in classes, regardless of where you are.

Hear what the course teacher says about intuition and the differences between men and women in this regard.

Who is this course for

The „Development of Intuition – Extrasensory Perception” course is dedicated for people who want to:

  • get to hear and use their inner voice –  intuition
  • explore methods of connecting with your inner voice
  • use the hints of intuition in private and professional life

Where to start improving your intuition

We encourage you to listen to an excerpt from the classes „Introduction to the Improvement of Intuition” run by Antoni Przechrzta.

Program course

Level I : 2 days – Inner Vision

Awareness in oneself, mindfulness training, one word method, meditation and visualization, journey to childhood, how to hear your inner voice (intuitive writing), psychometry (introduction),  vision and projection of the future.

The first level focuses on reading information from yourself: listening to your own life situation, understanding yourself and looking for solutions for yourself. It also serves to establish contact with your inner child, soul and the Source. This course helps to prepare oneself to the next level exercises.

Level II: 2 days – Remote Viewing

Introduction to telepathy, introduction to remote vision, the Stargate method (basics), psychometry (basics), aura vision, creating a vision according to the most recognized extrasensory techniques in history, incl. Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Ossowiecki, Klimuszko, as well as an inspired magazine (introduction). The second level focuses on the extrasensory retrieval of information from the outside.

Level III: 2 days

Extrasensory Perception – clairvoyance multilevel auric reading, telepathy and remote vision (advanced level), psychometry – advanced level, channeling and insight into past lives.

Description of the issues discussed during the course:

  • Recognizing and releasing blocks from the past: analysis in the alpha and theta states with the mind to understand and heal past situations that caused emotional, mental and physical blocks.
  • Remote viewing is about tuning to the thing, place or person we are looking for, locate it, read the situation in which it is located, distance does not matter here.
  • Predicting the future and projecting the future are all about empathizing with developments, on the principle of tuning in with our existing reality as a point of reference. If this future is not satisfactory – we find possible options to change the future. In this work, we also include our superconsciousness in meditation and negotiate with the subconscious. Predicting the future includes insight into the development of future local and global events. At the workshop, we had an extremely accurate reading of future events in the world, for example regarding the attack on the World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001 – a week before this event.
  • Psychometry is reading information on the basis of something that the person – about whom we want to know something – has had contact.
  • Inspired writing is channeling which consists in spontaneously reaching out to inner information and extracting it through writing.
  • Seeing the aura consists in preparing the eyesight in such a way that with the naked eye you can see what is happening in the human aura. All participants can see the aura during the class.

During the classes, we create circustamces for the participants to be able to find information that is important to them and that could help them transform their own lives. One of the main goals of the Intuition Development workshop is to discover the life mission, which is what is best for us, and to develop a strategy for achieving goals. The second goal is to learn methods that can guide others.


Graduates of the course receive certificates of completing the course „Development of Intuition – Extrasensory Perception” signed by the Institute of Self Realization.

Opinions of the course participants

Read what the graduates think about the „Development of Intuition – Extrasensory Perception” course. Here you will find their opinions.

How to apply:

All you need to do is send an e-mail to stating the name of the course and the date and your contact phone number. We will get back to you. If you have any questions, please contact us by phone (+48) 607 387 737. Remember that the sooner you reserve your place, the less you pay. Details below.


„Intuition and Clairvoyance Development Course” – price for a single degree (I, II, III)
500 PLN – if you pay up to 7 days before the course starts. You reserve your participation in the course by making a prepayment (PLN 100) and then the remaining amount before the course starts.
550 PLN – if you pay between 6 and 1 day from the start of the course. Payment is required in full before the course starts.
600 PLN – if you pay on the day of the course. Full payment is required.

How to reduce the cost of this course

Invite other people, send an e-mail, share information on social media or in a direct conversation.
Each person who comes to the course on your recommendation reduces the price of your course by 20%. Four people on your recommendation make your course free.
If you decide to pay for all the levels from I to III in one go in advance – you get a 10% discount.
Discounts from 50% to 100% for graduates!
Practice makes perfect, so we recommend repeating the course periodically – to consolidate the methods. Repeaters pay half or participate free when they come with a new participant. You’re welcome.

Additional individual support

Below is a list of articles and interviews that will help you learn more about intuition and get to know the author of the course.

Przeczytaj wywiad z Antonim Przechrztą na temat rozwoju intuicji opublikowany w magazynie „Czwarty Wymiar” (07/2012) Irena A. Stanisławska „Masz dar”

Sprawdź, mówi co mówi nauka o warsztatach Antoniego Przechrzty, widzeniu zdalnym, prekognicji, telepatii i uzdrawianiu. Widzenie zdalne i prekognicja w świetle nauki – wypowiedź dr inż. Danuty Adamskiej-Rutkowskiej

Przeczytaj artykuł „Intuicja w biznesie” na temat dowodów na istnienie telepatii i jasnowidzenia – Anna Koniecka, magazyn VIP B&S

Przeczytaj artykuł „Jasnowidzenia można się nauczyć” (Magazyn „Gwiazdy”, listopad 2005)

Przeczytaj opisy odczytów z kursów „Rozwoju Intuicji-Jasnowidzenia”

ANTONI PRZECHRZTA (M.A. RAS) : Post – graduate of the Royal Academy in London, Royal Academy of Arts M.A. Vienna, Chelsea College of Art, Cracov”s Academy of Fine Arts. He participates in scientific symposiums in the field of integral medicine, collaborates with medical practitioners, has taught classes in unconventional and complementary medicine with students of medical schools in London: Royal London Hospital / Bart’s and runs self-realisation workshops, is the author of a method for developing intuition/extrasensory perception, and practices spiritual healing along with psychotherapy. He has completed a masterclass in Family Settings with Bert Hellinger. Antoni in therapy uses intuitive insights and clairvoyance referring to the spiritual areas of the human being. Antoni has been a practising healer and teacher for more than 30 years, he is a director of the Institute of Self-Realisation and president of the Polish Association of Spiritual Healers PSDU. As a therapist with many years of experience and a teaching practice, he provides a wonderful opportunity for students not only to learn extraordinary skills, but at the same time to deal with important life issues already during the course.